Virginia's tax-free holiday ends Sunday

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WJLA) As students head back to school, many parents are taking advantage of Virginia’s tax-free holiday. A number of school supplies are on the list, but there are also some rather unique items you might not expect.

The state’s tax-free holiday began in 2007 and has grown in popularity.

“The tax holiday really helps and that’s really why we’re shopping today,” says Melissa Myers.

Parents grabbed needed school supplies, most working from a list.

“I’m hoping to get it all done this weekend,” says Roula Hickman. “I think it’s better one time, get them ready for school.”

There is no sales tax on school supplies priced $20 or less this weekend. School clothes up to $100 are also tax-free.

“I think it’s a good idea, good incentive to get people out spending money and I think it’s the least the state can do to give back to its citizens,” says Harvey Plante.

Sporting goods like baseball gloves and cleats are not on the tax-free list, but underwear is.

“You need underwear,” says Jacquelyn Councill. “You need sporting goods, too, if children are playing sports, but I guess they do it on what they feel people need the most.”

Councill, a veteran shopper, has mapped out a strategy.

“We actually live in Maryland so we came to Virginia to take advantage and next week we will take advantage of Maryland,” she says.

Sunday is the last day to grab school supplies tax-free in Virginia. Maryland’s tax-free holiday runs August 11 through 17. D.C. repealed its sales tax holiday a few years ago.

For a list of tax-free items, click here.