Virginia's Senate race kicking into high gear

"I will say this I think the nuttiness quotient is higher now than in any other election I've been in," said Tim Kaine.

Kaine may have said one of the few things he and his likely opponent would agree on. This campaign will have a circus-like feel with the entire nation watching. So is he confident?

"I think if the election were today, I’d feel good about winning,” he says. “I think it'd be very, very close but I'd win if it were today. But I've got … months of tough campaigning ahead."

Among the issues are the Fair Pay Act and birth control rights and why today he spent almost two hours with women voters. But pundits say this race will actually be less about these two and more about President Obama and his presumptive challenger Mitt Romney.

George Allen, though has challengers he must tackle first - tea party leader Jamie Radtke, Chesapeake minister E.W. Jackson and delegate Bob Marshall.

And if the former senator gets the GOP nod, he'll also get plenty of cash.

Kaine says that's why style will also play a role, politically and personally. So anything we don't know about the current frontrunner?

"I'm not in the social media generation where I'm dying for people to know everything about me,” he says. “I like to camp and play the harmonica and be outdoors as much as a I can. Beyond that, I'm not that interesting."