Virginia residents upset about I-66 wall reconstruction

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WJLA) - Some residents here are upset about this wall being taken down, and that’s because they now must wake up to sirens and cars speeding by on I-66.

The Virginia Department of Transportation assured us that it is working on building a much taller wall, but that it will be a long while before things return to normal.

For decades, the most this Falls Church neighborhood heard during this time of day was birds chirping, dogs barking, and kids playing. Now, it's sounds of the Metro, traffic, and sirens.

It was roughly two months ago that VDOT took down a four-foot sound barrier that kept out the loud noise of rush hour traffic on Interstate 66. It’s currently planning on building a three-mile-long, 10-foot-tall wall. But for now, it’s very noisy. And not to mention, there are safety issues, according to residents:

"There's no protection now for children or pets or anything like that going over into 66," says one nearby neighbor.

On top of that, these residents are feeling out of the loop in their own neighborhood. They understand VDOT has a job to do, but say communication is lacking.

Higher walls and less noise, residents say, are all great things – but a little notice would have been nice.

VDOT says they had at least three meetings dating back to December 2011, discussing this multimillion dollar project with residents. It just seems like many families weren’t aware of it.

And as far as that two-month timeline goes, VDOT says work will actually be completed in May of 2015.