Virginia ranks first for consumer friendliness of wine laws

Photo: Christian_Haugen via Flickr

Virginia may be for lovers, but now{ }it's also for wine lovers.{ }

The{ }American Wine Consumer Coalition (AWCC) has given the state an A+ and ranked it number one for its consumer friendliness when it comes to wine laws.{ }

Governor Bob McDonnell says Virginia wines are in more demand now than ever, setting a record for the most recent fiscal year at 511,000 cases sold.{ }The previous record was nearly 485,000 cases sold in fiscal 2012 .

“In Virginia, wine consumers enjoy excellent access to wine as well as convenience due to the state allowing wine to be sold in liquor and wine stores, grocery stores, and by allowing consumers to have wine shipped to them from wineries and wine retailers," says David White, president of the AWCC.{ }

The state also received{ }the top{ }rating because of its Sunday wine sales and "bring your own bottle" laws.

The Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control lists nearly 60 varieties of Virginia wines.