Virginia primary: George Allen says he won't be complacent

Marking off territory plot by plot, George Allen's hopes Tuesday is nothing but a formality.

Though whether glad-handing at a Stafford pizza place, or alongside the Governor, the GOP U.S. senate candidate admits there's no room for complacency on the campaign trail these days.

"We are taking nothing for granted including in this primary,” Allen says. “The world is controlled by those who show up."

Polls show him coasting, earning 62 percent with the rest of the field far behind. Then there's the money: $7.6 million raised by all four. Almost 90% of that is Allen’s. That’s the kind of financial dominance he'll need in the next round.

He says he can win because of jobs. Claiming as governor, he created 300,000 jobs, while Tim Kaine lost 100,000 jobs.

But Kaine says they were different times.

"George Allen was governor when Bill Clinton was president, I was governor and three years was the George Bush president, worst recession since the 1930's,” Kaine says. "If you look at the time when we served at the same time you're going to see a dramatic difference in terms of business friendliness and especially in terms of fiscal responsibility."

Another difference: Kaine, meeting with Latino business leaders Monday, is closely associated with President Obama, which some critics say these days could actually be a liability.

“I'm not concerned with it I think the end of the day people know George Allen very well and they know me very well and that's how they're going to make the decision," Kaine says.