Virginia politicians support moving FBI headquarters to Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Va. (WJLA) - Not far from the proposed FBI headquarters site in Springfield sits Thai Café, where business isn’t what it once was.

"It's been slow the past three to four years," says owner Penny Youdmanee, who surmises that the possibility of thousands of new workers just a mile away could change everything.

"The business is going to be a boom for sure. We need more people to come to Springfield."

And on Tuesday morning, Virginia’s political heavyweights made the case to do just that. They held a press conference to discuss relocating the FBI bureau to Springfield, Virginia. Right now, it's located in the J. Edgar Hoover building in Washington, D.C.

"We are all in on this very important project -- this is about jobs," said Governor-elect Terry McAuliffe, who along with Senators Warner and Kaine and Reps. Moran, Connolly, and Wolf, supports the move.

Virginia leaders insist that the 40-acre site just east of 95 is perfect for many reasons – starting with convenience.

It’s close to highways, the Springfield-Franconia Metro, the Virginia Railway Express station, and straight up the road from the FBI in Quantico. The properly also sits right next to a General Services Administration site, and the GSA is the federal agency taking bids on the project. Plus, it’s close to the Pentagon and the CIA.

Finally, they say, many FBI employees already live in Virginia.

"This is an ideal location -- much better than sites anywhere else," said Senator Warner.

Leaders in Maryland are saying the same thing, as P.G. County is proposing a new site for Maryland's FBI headquarters in Greenbelt right next to the metro station. They are also arguing that it’s close to freeways, perfect for development, and close to where many employees already live.

The General Services Administration announced late last year it planned to move the FBI's main office.