Virginia nixes ban on in-car smoking with kids present

A bill that would have made smoking in a vehicle with a child under 15 a traffic offense, with a $100 penalty, didn't advance this week in Virginia.

For every issue there are usually two sides. And on this one, Virginians can certainly see both.

But ultimately, the opinion of people like Meg Ausman prevailed: There should be limits to how much government can legislate.

"I don't smoke, I don't want to be around smoke, I don't want kids hurt by smoke but there are privacy issues as well," she says.

The bill was sponsored by Democratic Senator Ralph Northam of Norfolk, a pediatric neurologist who says his goal was to protect children from the dangers of second hand smoke.

Bill from McLean, who does not want to give his last name, says his belief is rooted in experience from long ago.

"I can remember being in a car when my dad smoked and I had to lay on the floor board to get away from the smoke," he says.

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