Virginia, Maryland hope to land new FBI headquarters

(WJLA) -{ }Virginia political heavyweights will soon be making a major push to bring the new FBI headquarters to the Commonwealth while Maryland is fighting hard for the project as well.

The headquarters{ }has stood at the corner of 9th and Pennsylvania for nearly 40 years, but the FBI has outgrown the outdated and undersized building, leading both Virginia and Maryland to make the case to be the{ }FBI's new home.

Fairfax County believes a site in Springfield is ideal. It’s close to the Franconia-Springfield Metro, near the interstate, and already home to buildings owned by the General Services Administration, the federal agency accepting bids on the project.

“This is a hard site to ignore and it probably is the frontrunner and that’s because it makes the most sense,” says Jeff McKay of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Meanwhile, Prince George's County{ }says its proposed site in Greenbelt is even better. It’s right next to the Metro, right off the Beltway, and the large number of Prince George’s County residents working for the FBI would{ }stay close to home.

“Prince George’s County is the last frontier and is the place to be when it comes to development here,” says Aubrey Thagard of the Prince George's County Office for Economic Development.

While Springfield and Greenbelt are getting a lot of the attention, the bidding process is open until Dec. 17, and the federal government is strongly encouraging the District of Columbia to submit a proposal.

The GSA says reports that D.C. is out of the running for not having a site big enough are inaccurate. With more than 10,000 jobs and plenty of development at stake, it’s no wonder the FBI is most wanted on both sides of the river.