Virginia governor's race 2013: Where do the candidates stand on the issues

(WJLA) - Here’s a brief look at the positions of Virginia gubernatorial candidates Ken Cuccinelli (R) and Terry McAuliffe (D), in alphabetical order:


Ken Cuccinelli has called it unconstitutional, filed a lawsuit to make his case before it was dismissed and would like to see the law repealed by any means necessary.

Terry McAuliffe likes the law, and his surrogate-in-chief, former President Bill Clinton, has echoed the support this week on the stump for his longtime friend.


Ken Cuccinelli played down his strident anti-abortion views early in the campaign but has since been more up front about his position and defends new regulations that have led to the closure of numerous clinics that provide abortions.

Terry McAuliffe thinks the new regulations are too strict and would work to have them repealed.


Ken Cuccinelli strongly opposes President Obama’s desire to limit carbon pollution.

Terry McAuliffe has flipped on the issue, going from the notion of scaling back coal plants to making sure they adhere to EPA standards while still providing a valuable benefit for the state.


Ken Cuccinelli doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage.

Terry McAuliffe does, and supports anti-discriminatory practices in the workplace.


Ken Cuccinelli is big on the charter-school concept.

Terry McAuliffe is big on better pay for teachers.

Neither candidate is big on Standards of Learning issues, or teachers emphasizing standardized tests in the classroom.


Ken Cuccinelli has said he never wanted the shutdown but also hasn't spoken out against the tactics of Sen. Cruz (R-Texas), regarded as the architect of the shutdown.

Terry McAuliffe has blasted the shutdown and concistently links Cuccinelli to Cruz when discussing it.


Ken Cuccinelli wants to lower taxes, including the business income tax but doesn’t has specifics about which steps he would take to make up for lost income to the state.

Terry McAuliffe is more vague but insists he would not raise taxes.


Ken Cuccinelli unsuccessfully balked when Gov. Bob McDonnell agreed to a revenue plan to improve the state’s highways and transportation infrastructure.

Terry cAuliffe has tried to portray himself as being a behind-the-scenes supporter and cajoler of the plan and looks to work with various localities to ease congestion.