Virginia gas prices could jump if internet sales tax fails

The pumper shock is back.

As the price at the pump has climbed this summer, folks are feeling it across the D.C. region.

Kayla Bonfilio is helping her friend move from Massachusetts to South Carolina. To fill up the moving van cost $82.

“It’s a huge impact,” Bonfilio says. “With kids too, we are talking about a gallon of milk instead. I think it’s insane its more for a gallon of gas than milk. That's crazy.”

And that price could go even higher in Virginia if the commonwealth can't cash in on e-tailers like Amazon. But the internet sales tax law has stalled in congress. If it doesn't pass, the commonwealth's gas tax will go up.

In Maryland, lawmakers had hoped to offset the increases in the Old Dominion with internet sales tax revenue.

"I think relying on congress to drive what you are doing in your own state is a challenge right now when congress is having difficulty getting anything through,” said Jennifer Strickland, an Alexandria resident. “I think it’s potentially problematic.”