Virginia E-ZPass monthly fee considered

The fee would tack $1 per month onto the bills of Virginia commuters. (Photo: Flickr/dahveed76)

A new battle over monthly fees to use your E-ZPass in the Old Dominion may be brewing.

The Virginia Department of Transportation is proposing adding a monthly fee to use the popular toll collection service, and some drivers in Virginia are not happy about the idea, which would dip even deeper into their wallets.

With new toll lanes expected to open on the Capital Beltway later this year, among other reasons, VDOT says it expects to sell a whole lot of E-ZPasses in the near future. However, they say that a $1 per month fee is being considered to offset administrative costs.

"It's convenient to go through, but another dollar?" commuter Mike Beem says. "They're nickel and diming us to death."

AAA is against the idea as well, but for some, the benefit still outweighs the cost.

"A dollar a month...I don't care," Pam Ward of Reston says, adding, though, that she wouldn't mind seeing tolls lowered on roads like the Dulles Toll Road. That won't happen anytime soon, with tolls on that highway set to jump.

The fee is old hat to Maryland commuters as well, who already pay $1.50 per month to use E-ZPass. For Rockville commuter Judy Solomon, it's not much of a concern.

"It's worth it to me instead of waiting in line for 12 cars," Solomon says.