Virginia DUI ignitition device debated

(Photo courtesy doviende via Flickr)

Many voters in Virginia say they’re tired of deadly crashes like the case of sister Denise Mosier in Prince William County, who was killed in August of 2010 by a third time DUI offender.

But there are measures out there to prevent chronic DUI incidents.

In Virginia, you get your own personal breathalyzer installed in your car if you get busted for driving under the influence two times or if you're blood alcohol content is .15, which is almost twice the legal limit.

The locks are simple - if you've been drinking, your car won't start.

But there are now stricter proposals being debated in the Virginia legislature.

Currently sailing through the Virginia General Assembly is a proposal to deter drivers from ever getting a DUI in the first place.

The bill would require drunk drivers to install the ignition interlock devices in their cars the first time they get nabbed drinking behind the wheel.

There were mixed reactions to the proposal. At Crystal City Sports Pub, managing partner Jimmy Madden believes Virginia is already tough on drinking and driving

“I just don't feel there's any extra legislation needed,” Madden says.

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The American Beverage Institute represents 250 restaurants in Virginia. They are against mandatory car breathalyzers for first time offenders, arguing the breathalyzers are set to detect low amounts of alcohol and the new law could eventually make ignition locks become standard like seatbelts.

"They are going to eliminate people's ability to have a glass of wine with dinner or a beer at a ballgame and then drive home,” says Sarah Longwell, managing director of the American Beverage Institute.

Others, however, say DUI’s must be dealt with.

"First time offender is the same thing as a second time offender - you are an offender,” says Rob Arnold, an Arlington resident. “I am all for it."