Virginia Beach jet crash 911 tapes released

Virginia Beach jet crash 911 tapes released (Photo: Kandidrops via Flickr)

The frantic 911 calls that took place just seconds after the F-18 jet crashed into a Virginia Beach apartment complex were released Tuesday.

“Uhh, yes, we just had a jet explode on Birdneck,” a caller said, then saying “oh my god all those old people oh my god."

”A jet just hit an apartment complex on Birdneck Road. I see the smoke and stuff right now, Sir,” the caller said.

“It hit an apartment complex and I saw the um, the pilot bail out. The pilot did bail out, it saw it but it did hit the apartment complex,” the caller said.

Soon after the crash, the fuel in the jet exploded.

Right as there was concern for the pilots on the jet, the pilots started showing up in people’s backyards.

“The pilot is on your patio?” the 911 operator asked.

“Yes, and nobody is here!” the caller responded.

Now, investigators are pouring over the crash site—recovering the black box, removing the winds, and parts of the fuselage have also been removed

But, the two big engines under the v-tail of the hornet will remain until specialists can take a closer look in an effort to figure out why the jet crashed.