Virginia back-to-school tax holiday Aug. 5-7

Shoppers browse Target for school supplies on the first day of Virginia's tax-free holiday. (Photo: Brianne Carter/ABC7)

List in hand, Leah Stein and her three children Yoni, Dani and Gavi are looking for back to school bargains.

This weekend, shoppers won’t have to pay sales tax on school supplies that cost less than $20 each and clothing for less than $100. Virginia’s tax-free holiday begins Friday and runs through Sunday, Aug. 5 to 7.

“We waited to do all this shopping until the tax-free holiday and we wanted to get out here on the first day before everything was gone,” Stein said.

“I’m sure its going to help quite a bit,” said Roxanne Smith, another shopper.

The tax holiday comes during tough economic times for many. Diane Johnson came into Virginia from the District to try and cut costs for extra items on her son Beau's back-to-school list/

“The way it looks I’m easily looking at $200 and I’m hoping to save 50 bucks or so,” she said.

Shopping for three children, Stein is afraid to tally up the trip. “I m a little scared to see but I’m sure ill save a lot,” Stein said.

All Virginia retailers who sell the exempt products must participate, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell said in a statement issued Thursday.

"There is no limit on the number of items you can purchase tax-free as long as each item qualifies. Lists of eligible items, along with guidelines and frequently asked questions for both consumers and retailers, are posted on the Department of Taxation website here," the statement read in part.

Maryland’s tax holiday begins on August 14 and runs through August 20. During that period, only clothes and shoes are included in the program.

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