Virgin Atlantic Airlines plans to allow in-flight cell phone calls

If you plan on flying internationally with Virgin Atlantic Airlines this summer, you may be in for an unusual sight. You and your fellow passengers will be allowed to talk on your cell phones in-flight.

The Washington Dulles plans to allow passengers at 35,000 feet to make or take a call.

Airline customer Meshal Alhassan thinks it's a good idea.{ }

"I mean you will be in contact with your friends and family during the flight," Alhassan said. "Yeah, I mean that is really good things."

Bola Labinjo told ABC7 in the Middle East, some carriers already allow in -flight cell phone calls.

"You can call people, you can tell them you are about coming, if you are landing, you know, that is what I think...," Labinjo said.

While some think the new rule is a convenience, others consider it an annoyance. Airline passenger Lori James said the thought of having to endure other people's cell phone conversations while inside an airplane does not appeal to her.

"Cuz if you got ten conversations going on at once, you can't concentrate on the one you're having or what you want to do if you are not on the phone," she stressed.

There will be some restrictions. No cell phones can be used during take off or landing.

Remember, the FCC forbids the use of American cell phones carriers while in-flight, so you probably won't be able to talk on a cell phone until you are out of U.S. airspace.