Violence in Egypt: Locals react

FALLS CHURCH, Va. (WJLA) -- Rania Nasif sheds a tear as she thinks about her homeland of Egypt being torn apart – and about the family she left there just a few months ago, including her husband and her brother.

While they are safe for now, tragedy has struck her hometown as one of her former neighbors, a boy, was killed just Thursday.

Mohammad Abraham comforts her inside the Northern Virginia restaurant where she now works, but he too is devastated by what is happening where he grew up:

“It breaks my heart, I have to admit. I mean, here is home but there is home as well -- I was born there and all my childhood was there.”

More clashes spread across Egypt on Friday as supporters of deposed President Mohammed Morsi took to the streets in response to Wednesday’s killing of hundreds of protestors.

Max Najib is convinced the conflict in Egypt is on the cusp of erupting into what happened in his homeland of Syria where more than 100,000 people have been killed.

"If they don't have enough help from outside to say 'enough', it's gonna take years,' he predicts.

This is exactly what worries Abraham and Nasif – a Muslim and Christian sitting side by side, trying to comprehend the violence affecting both of their families.

"When I talk to my sister and my brother and I hear those gunshots live over the phone, I mean, what kind of human being would do such a thing?" asks Abraham.

They are hoping their spirit of togetherness will spread across Egypt before a civil war ignites.