Vienna holds 66th Annual Vienna Halloween Parade

In Vienna, Virginia, the 66th Annual Vienna Halloween Parade is happening Wednesday night.

Besides the ghosts and goblins, the parade attracts numerous candidates for office in big election years.

Lisa Perdue, a Vienna resident, knows that for this parade you'd better set up early.

"As you can see, we are not the only one," she said.

For Lisa and a host of other adults and kids, this is a tradition. Carlene Knauf and her family and friends have come to the parade over 15 years.

"Just the tradition. It's just fun. You see a lot of people, you know, it's your hometown parade," Knauf said.

The parade also happens to fall each year right before Election Day, so a lot of politicians and their supporters came to the parade.

Spike Williams, a Fairfax County Republican, said, "It's a great opportunity, and I think we'd be fools to miss it."

Both Republicans and Democrats came to support candidates for president, U.S. Senate and Congress, as well as other local offices. They say the stakes are high, especially for president.

"I think it's very important,. It's the most important election of our lifetime," Anna Lee, a Republican from Centreville, said.

Alex Barrett of Oakton added, "I think it's pretty close. It's definitely, definitely a swing state."