Vienna couple dances to the altar

Love was in the air all thanks to the hit ABC series Dancing with the Stars. The show sparked an interest in taking classes for a man and a woman from Virginia, which recently sent them dancing to the altar.

Jerry Venable started group dance lessons looking for a challenge. Sharon McClure joined just looking for some fun. Instead, they found each other.

“I noticed her the first night she was there,” Venable says. “I said ‘Oh wow’ the first night I saw her.”

Venable and McClure weren't a couple when they both signed up for group dance lessons several years ago at Elegant Dancing, but during one special spin around the floor, they realized the Rumba isn’t called the dance of romance for nothing.

“I kind of got the idea when he held me extra tight one night,” McClure says.

Now they are taking their partnership off the dance floor and into real life. The two tied the knot just one week ago. Dance instructors Chris Thompson and Una Lee say it doesn’t surprise them.

“A lot of time they come here seeing each other in classes and then one day a couple months later you find out there are going out together,” says Lee. “That’s kind of neat.”

The success of Dancing with the Stars has brought ballroom dance back into the spotlight, and with it, a resurgence of romance.

“It breaks down the barriers quite easily because all of a sudden you’re in a position where you’re dancing with someone you’ve never met,” Venable says.

“You get to meet someone in a really safe environment and you get to see them over time and with other people and you can kind of watch them from afar,” says McClure.

Now the couple with the fancy footwork says their new groove is just getting started.

“Weddings are so much more fun now. I never would even think to get up and dance at a wedding. Now I’m not as bashful.”

And as for their own wedding, the two had a vow ceremony last week and are now planning a reception for friends and family. Their first dance will be a medley of all the dances they’ve learned.