Video shows street collapsing in Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJLA/AP) - Video shot by Todd Wallace and Nick Reyes shows the collapse as it happened yesterday.{ }{ }

Today, crews are starting to removing rubble and cars from the site of a block-long collapse of a residential street in Baltimore onto railroad tracks.

"The sidewalk's gone, the cars are gone, and everything just fell. It was like somebody came by and just ripped off the side of the road," described Baltimore resident Diane Shaw.

Fire department spokesman Ian Brennan said work to clear debris, stabilize the wall and remove cars on the edge of the embankment begins Thursday morning.

A sidewalk and retaining wall along 26th Street in Charles Village slid with mud and debris onto railroad tracks below on Wednesday afternoon. The collapse came after heavy rains over the previous 24 hours brought flooding to the region, but the cause is still under investigation.

Brennan says officials don't know yet when the road will be reopened or residents of the block can return home. A nearby elementary and middle school was closed Thursday because of the road closures.

Meanwhile, in New York, more than five inches of rain caused mudslides, with one on Long Island burying cars. Another in Yonkers buried Metro-North train tracks with concrete, rocks, and dirt.

Although no one was injured, some are saying that the massive flooding has done more damage than even Superstorm Sandy.

"It's too much money...neighbors down the block lost everything," said one New York resident.

In New Jersey, commuters faced flooded streets and road closings.