Video released of Metro bus narrowly missing baby

Metro bus 'drive cam' catches near-miss of 4-year-old.

The Washington Metro Area Transit Authority released video today of an incident last April in which a bus narrowly missed hitting a 4-year-old.

The near-miss was caught on the "drive cam" which is now on front of all Metro buses to monitor driving. The cameras have been a sore point for the Transit Union.

"All too often we feel WMTA wants to penalize rather than train [drivers]," said Transit Union Safety Officer Anthony Garland.

But this time, the camera caught the quick-thinking and fast reflexes of the bus driver.

The driver of Bus #52, who remains unidentified, was traveling south on 14th Street when a 4-year-old boy darted across the street from between two parked cars.

"[The driver] really had to do some amazing driving to avoid hitting this baby,
{ }said Manni Hayes who witnessed the event. "It kind of looked as if he had a matrix on [the bus] because it swerved completely around this baby.

The child had been with his mother on one side of the street and was running to his dad on the other side.

The drive cam is triggered by sudden G-force changes, recording eight seconds before the incident and four seconds afterward, according to Metro spokesman Dan Stessel.

"[The bus turns] so sharply that several passengers on board the bus fall out of their seats and a handful of injuries [occur]," Stessel said. "But that still is preferable to hitting a 4-year-old child."

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