Victim of convicted D.C. sex offender, Orlando Roberts, didn't know he'd been released from jail

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – A female victim, who does not wish to publicly reveal her identity, was just 13 years old in 2001 when Orlando Roberts drove her to a parking lot at the Stadium Armory in Southwest D.C. and raped her. He was found guilty and went to jail. Fast forward to 2014; the victim is now 27 years old, and Roberts is out of prison and accused of raping another teenager, this time a 14-year-old Maryland girl.

In an exclusive interview, the earlier victim said she had no idea Roberts was out of prison until she saw ABC 7 News’ coverage on television and wants to know why no one notified her he was back on the streets.

On Wednesday, ABC 7 News reported that 45-year-old Orlando Roberts, a convicted sex offender, of Washington, D.C., and 19-year-old Javon Henson, of District Heights, Md., were arrested and charged with luring a 14-year-old Laurel, Md. girl over the Internet.

Court documents revealed Roberts and Henson posed as father and son and persuaded the 14-year-old's foster mother to allow her to leave with them for an outing. Police said the pair of men drove the girl to a house on the 3200 block of Park Place NW, where they allegedly raped and sexually assaulted the young teen numerous times in the basement of the home.

Roberts had already served time for raping the 13-year-old girl back in 2001. Now, more than a dozen years later, she told ABC 7 News, "Not a day goes by when I don't think about what happened."

As far as the latest alleged victim, she said "My heart goes out to her."

But Roberts’ earlier victim had questions: when was Roberts let out of prison and why?

After a search of public documents and numerous phone calls to various law enforcement and government agencies, ABC 7 News found that Roberts was found guilty of first-degree child sex abuse.

In June 2003, Roberts was sentenced to 14 years in prison, followed by 5 years of supervised probation. But after serving 10 years, according to preliminary information from the city's Court Supervision and Offender Services Agency (CSOSA), Roberts was released from prison on July 5, 2013. Because of a parole violation in Virginia, he was turned over to the Commonwealth, where he remained until late October 2013 before being released back into the general population. Several months later, Roberts registered as a sex offender in Washington, D.C.

The victim in the 2001 case alleges that no one told her Roberts was out of prison. When she saw his picture on the news Wednesday she said, "I was heartbroken and cried."

ABC 7 News reached out to the Federal Bureau of Prisons to ask whether the victim had been notified upon Roberts' release from prison. Due to privacy restrictions, an agency spokesperson explained the answer could not be divulged to the public, but said if and when further information could be shared, he would update.

Metropolitan Police have expressed concern there may be more potential victims and asked the public to reach out with any information.