Vets bike around Annapolis for 10th Annual Soldier Ride

ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJLA) - A group of driven, ambitious veterans set out on a sunny Wednesday for a{ } bicycle ride around Annapolis.

But the ride wasn't about leisure; it was about awareness.

More than a dozen veterans rode in honor of the 10th Annual Soldier Ride,{ } a series of bike rides in several location across the U.S.

The Wounded Warrior Project sponsors the ride and provides veterans with the customize equipment{ } for free.

Sedricks Banks, an U.S. Army Veteran, was among those who rode the 17 miles around Annapolis.

Banks said he was wounded while in Iraq. He suffered a broken neck, a broken back and a traumatic brain injury while on duty.

Biking gives the veterans a goal to work toward and a real sense of accomplishment once that goal is reached.

"Seventeen miles today; and you keep thinking,'Can I do that?' And I do it and it's pretty easy," Banks said.

With a day of biking behind them, many of the veterans of looking forward to another day.{ } On Thursday, there will be a ride around the White House and a welcome by President Barack Obama.

"To get out on a bike and to get in the water and to do all the different things I've been able to do through the Wounded Warrior Project has really shown me I could get used to the new me and I can really enjoy life again," veteran Ernie Spycher said.