Veterans plaques stolen: New efforts to solve 'heartbreaking' theft

There are new efforts to solving a heartbreaking theft from two years. Somebody stole bronze plaques that honored veterans from the VFW in Morningside. The pain is always more severe as Veterans Day approaches.

76-year-old Frank McCrone discovered the bronze plaques with names of hundreds of veterans were stolen almost exactly two years ago.

“I hope we can find some way to still pay respect to these people,” he says. “This is not right.”

There’s no record of the names that were on the stolen plaques so those names, most likely, are lost forever.

“The hard part about the whole thing,” says McCrone, “is we cannot redo it because we don’t have the complete list of names going back to 1937.”

Police are optimistic someone out there knows who stole the plaques, saying this case is especially painful.

“You get your typical copper thefts, your brass thefts, but this is actually a memorial for the veterans that served our country. This one’s heartfelt,” says Sgt. David Thompson with the Prince George’s Police Department.

The few plaques that weren’t stolen are in storage at the VFW post. Meanwhile, the regular Veterans Day ceremony doesn’t take place here anymore.

“We can’t have our ceremony out here,” says James Holland. “We could, but we don’t have the plaques and stuff that we need to have here.”

Though the plaques are gone, McCrone says he still has to pay tribute to all those men and women who served their country.