Veterans celebrate at American Legion Post 8 in D.C.

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - At American Legion Post 8, Veterans Day is special. Vets are busy in the kitchen, while locals and out-of-towners who drop in every year come to reflect with the Marine Band, an Army Color Guard, and Capitol Hill neighbors of every age and stripe who come to honor the veterans.

And it was fitting that the message of not becoming disconnected from the citizens is what the main speaker had to share on Monday.

"To avoid that, I would ask each of you to share your story -- share your story with your friends," said Col. Marvin Thornton Jr. with the U.S. Army.

And there were lots of them – like the ones from the Vietnam vets from Monroe, Michigan who come to D.C. every year.

"It's a feeling you can't buy. It's great being a veteran and being appreciated," said Gary Vancena. "We're all brothers, we've come from everywhere for the last seven years."

The veterans remember the wars in which they served, salute the flag, sing patriotic songs, then line up outside and inside Post 8 when it’s finally time to eat.

And the vets from Afghanistan to the Korean War absolutely love it.

"I appreciate the fact that we're being recognized," said Bob Smith of D.C.

Post 8 is celebrating its 91st year.