Veteran is gifted with brand new home in Virginia after losing both arms, leg to IED

Wounded veteran U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Christopher Walker is gifted with a new, specially adapted smart home in Alexandria, Virginia thanks to the Gary Sinise foundation. (ABC7/ Melissa DiPane)

For wounded veterans, getting back to their lives is an important milestone.

U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Christopher Walker is finally able to settle down in a new home specific to his needs.

Sergeant Walker was on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan where his job was to identify and dispose of IEDs.

“It was a large IED under a vehicle that was struck. I remember bits and pieces of it, it was just a normal day you go out do your job and I was unlucky that day,” said Staff Sgt. Christopher Walker.

The blast took his left leg, both his arms, shattered the bones in his face, burst his ear drum and nearly took his vision.

Five years of recovery and rehabilitation and now the Gary Sinise foundation gifted Sergeant Walker with a brand new, specially equipped home in Alexandria.

The home was built to Sgt. Walker’s specifications, including wider hallways and bathrooms and an iPad that can control everything from raising the blinds to lowering the temperature. Helping Sergeant Walker with everyday tasks often taken for granted.

“It's open space, everything is lowered to meet me so I can get to the sink and not have to stand and balance on one foot. I can cook,” he said.

The house also features a therapy pool to help Walker's physical therapy and keep him healthy.

“Trying to get to a pool and do these things myself is a challenge. That's four or five hours of my day that's gone just to exercise for an hour,” said Sgt. Walker. “Here it lets me go from my room to there and back to my room and I can get on with my day.”

The house is newly furnished but also includes memories from his past. Like the safety glasses he was wearing the day he was hit.

“If it wasn't for those, I'd actually be blind. You can see the fragments,” he said.

The house is a new beginning for Sgt. Walker, his daughter and his girlfriend who he met during his rehabilitation at Walter Reed.

“I know it’s mine forever. It’s an incredible feeling a weight off my shoulders.”

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