Vehicles shot with BB gun in Manassas neighborhoods

A rash of BB gun attacks is putting Prince William County homeowners on high alert.

Police say someone fired at 13 vehicles in Manassas over the past two nights. Several neighborhoods within three miles of one another were hit.{ }

"You see all the glass all over the floor," Howard Belteton pointed out.

The Manassas homeowner is sick of seeing car windows shatters by BB guns.

"You feel sorry for these people, because you need to go to work the next day and you wake up and your car is all messed up," he said.

Belteton has lived in Manassas for a decade and says vandalism has gone up in the neighborhoods around Liberia Avenue and Kamlea Drive over the past two years.

"They hit cars when they park at night, and they just smash them through the back...," Belteton said. "...we never know who they are."

Manassas City police believe the suspects shot at the vehicles from a moving car. Most of the targeted vehicles were parked on the street.

Jean Hollomon lives in another neighborhood that was hit.

"It worries me a lot," she said. "If they can get away with that many in two nights, they may increase it."

While no one was hurt, she worries that may not be the case next time.

"I have two grandkids, and we could be out... getting in the car, getting out of the car. It could be anything like that," Hollomon said.

Maryanne Brown, the president of the Waterford Village Homeowners Association added, "We've had a few things happen with just kids being kids, but not with BB guns."

Brown is advising residents to keep their vehicles off the road, if possible. She is confident police will crack this crime.

Manassas City police are offering an up to $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.