VDOT: Water, traffic continue to plague area with potholes

(WJLA) - Cell phone video from last Friday shows the pothole on Minnesota Avenue Northeast that left Lakeesha Taylor’s car non-functional – with a total of $1,200 in damage.

"There was a big ditch here, it cracked my transmission along with my seal...The hole was so deep and damaged, it was unbelievable," she describes.

This temporary gravelly fix was in place on Tuesday, but across our region, drivers will tell you that damaging potholes remain a big problem. Hubcaps line the wall of the 12th Street tunnel, thanks to this teeth-rattling gap in the pavement.

"They are bad on the GW parkway, which I come in on a lot, there are areas there that are pretty bad," says motorist Sharla.

By the end of winter, the roads were a mess. But hundreds of thousands of potholes have been filled since then – so why are they still popping up?

"There are two factors that cause potholes -- first and foremost, water and traffic." says Steve Shannon from VDOT. He oversees the maintenance of Loudoun County roads, and notes that the traffic stresses the pavement, causing cracks. Water gets in and loosens the soil, which then results in potholes.

Couple our recent rains with aging infrastructure, and spring has kept crews busy in a battle that never seems to end.

Meanwhile, Lakeesha Taylor is trying to file a claim with the District for the damage this pothole caused to her car – which for now, is left sitting parked.

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