VDOT announces plan to avoid gridlock on I-395 at Mark Center

VDOT implements plan to avoid gridlock on I-395 at Mark Center. (Photo: Flick/

A new task force and traffic management plan is being established in an effort to avoid gridlock on I-395 when the first wave of 6,000 Department of Defense workers move into the Mark Center this week, said Gov. Bob McDonnell.

“I-395 in Alexandria is the main north/south commuter route in Northern Virginia, serving 200,000 commuters each weekday,” Gov. McDonnell said. “Traffic conditions at the Mark Center and Seminary Road/I-395 interchange will disrupt daily commutes and the movement of goods and freight. The opening of this new facility will have wide-reaching impacts that will be felt across the Northern Virginia region and throughout the Commonwealth, so we must do everything possible to mitigate the effects on traffic and the quality of life of residents and those who travel I-395.”

The task force will monitor traffic flow and adjust traffic signals to changing traffic conditions; develop a plan to help motorists and improve traffic flow on the I-95/I-395 corridor; implement a regional transit coordination group to provide increased transit service to the Mark Center; coordinate all roadway projects in the I-95/I-395 corridor to help manage delays and congestion during construction; and create a communications plan to give advanced notice of construction that could impact roadways and transit service.

Virginia allocated $80 million for the construction of a reversible High Occupancy Vehicle/Transit ramp on I-395 at Seminary Road. The ramp will provide improved access for HOV and transit users working at or near the Mark Center site.

The DOD allocated $20 million to construct short-term improvements developed by VDOT, including a turn lane, ramp widening and pedestrian improvements on Seminary Road, Beauregard Street and I-395/Seminary Road.

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