Vanessa Pham murder: Julio Miguel Blanco-Garcia asked for ride to hospital

The man accused of stabbing to death a 19-year-old college student in 2010 in Falls Church had his infant daughter in his arms when he asked the victim for a ride to the hospital, the Washington Post says.

The new details emerged in a police report and other documents obtained by the Post. Since the slaying of Vanessa Pham on June 27, 2010, many questioned the connection between Pham and Julio Miguel Blanco-Garcia, the man accused of stabbing her 13 times.

The Post reports that Blanco-Garcia had smoked PCP on the day of the slaying and was suffering from “severe PCP intoxication” when he asked Pham for a ride at a Falls Church shopping center, the Post reports.

She agreed to give him a ride but he panicked and stabbed her when she drove down the wrong way down a road, the Post reports.

Investigators were stumped for 2 and ½ years until Blanco-Garcia was arrested for allegedly stealing a champagne bottle. His fingerprints came back positive for the Pham slaying, the Post reports.

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