Vandals strike cars in Silver Spring neighborhood

A truck is spray painted and has its tires slashed in Silver Spring. (Photo: Zeke Changuris/ABC7)

At least 20 cars were vandalized with racist and derogatory slurs in a Silver Spring neighborhood overnight, police say. Some of the vehicles had their tires slashed too.

The vandals struck in the 15500 block of Wembrough Street in Silver Spring.

Ileana Paredes found her tires slashed when she tried to head to work. Her neighbor found damage to his truck when he arrived home at 3:30 a.m.

“We're all pretty angry I mean I’m pretty upset,” Parades said. “I didn't go to work today. It’s just not fair.”

Theresa Prieto lost two tires on her car. The one bit of good news came mid-morning, when she and others realized that with a mild solvent they could wipe the spray paint off their cars.

But even with that, the damage is estimated at about $20,000. Phil Ko says he can’t afford to replace his two big SUV tires.

“Ya, I'm just a broke college kid,” he said. “What am I gonna do with that?”