Vandals hit Prince William schools

Neabsco Elementary School (Photo: Gail Pennybacker)

A shadowy figure in a dark shirt throws a rock through a glass door at Antietam Elementary School in Lakeridge. Surveillance video goes on to spy a group of three spotted running away from the school.

This is one of several destructive acts at Prince William County schools over the past few weeks.

“The kids grow up with cameras now,” said Sean Jones, a neighbor to the school. “They don't see them they're there and they're oblivious to them.”

At Neabsco Elementary School in Dale City, fresh graffiti scars building on the campus. This is the second time the school has been hit in just the past few days.

While all but one of the six incidents occurred in Dale City, Prince William County police don’t believe they are connected. Police know, however, that there are surveillance cameras around each of the 84 schools in the county and there are images that have been captured.

“We have been successful in prosecuting students who go to schools and juveniles in the area for doing those acts,” said officer Jonathan Perok, Prince William County police.

As far as investigators can see, the culprits are all young people and that is something that especially angers others in the community.

“As homeowners we just want it done,” said Julena Felix. “We want it stopped. Other than that if nobody comes forward and nothing happens … it just goes on for a long period of time.”