Valentine's Day couples find last-minute wedding venue

(WJLA) - They were the weddings that almost didn’t happen. Approximately 17 couples were supposed to get married this Valentine’s Day at the Charles County Courthouse, and according to the clerk, every single half-hour slot was booked.

But the weather forced the building to close, and an alternate location was needed. Lucky for them, the Sheriff’s office is never closed.

So after a quick trip to the store for some impromptu decorations and creating a romantic playlist, the scene was set for couples like Albert and Shineu and Rohilleo and Annabelle to tie the knot. Both couples had their hearts set on getting married today.

"We were staying positive -- that's what I was thinking last night," said Rohilleo. "No matter what, I said we're gonna get married."

"That was the plan, rain or shine, I was hoping," added Albert.

With family and friends watching, as well as assistance from some helpless romantics, 12 couples in all were married on Friday.