Valentine's Day 2014: Winter storm breaks a few hearts

(WJLA) - This week's winter storm has broken a few hearts. It's impacted many peoples' Valentine's Day plans and created some bad business for florists and restaurants.

Despite a snowy mess on the streets, Dana Williams from Flowers with Love in Arlington is still determined to spread the gift of love.

Thursday’s snow threw Cupid for a loop, making getting flowers to the right Valentine a bit challenging.

Palace Florist in Northwest D.C. is also racing to keep up with re-routing demands.

“There’s been changes back and forth obviously with the weather a little bit more than normal,” says Lee Herman, the store's owner.

Reservations for that romantic dinner may also be in jeopardy. Most restaurants are still in good standing, but cancellations could come Friday night.

If you can’t get out with your Valentine, many restaurants are offering Valentine’s Day specials Saturday and Sunday night as well.