Va. voters voice concern over election security

Va. voters voice concern over election security (ABC7)

The closer we get to election day the more Renee Shadoin thinks about ‘what if’. Shadoin, a voter from Woodbridge, is concerned the heated rhetoric of the campaign could lead to an act of violence on November 8th, “You got some very passionate people out there so I’m nervous that maybe someone is going to kind of do something.”

According to a new poll from USA Today, 51 percent of voters are at least somewhat concerned about the possibility of violence on election day, with 20 percent saying they are very concerned.

Fairfax County Police says it is coordinating with elections officials in creating a security plan, and remains confident things will be safe and efficient.

Meanwhile, in Fairfax County absentee voting has been smooth and busy. Numbers of absentee voting this year is up 60% compared with 4 years ago.

Voters here use paper ballots, like most other counties in Virginia and in DC and Maryland, ballots not connected to a computer network.

Fairfax County General Registrar of voters Cameron Sassnett says fears of hacked voting systems or rigged elections are not based in fact, “Their vote is safe because it is on a paper ballot and it’s their paper ballot. And it’s marked by them. In terms of hacking you can’t hack a piece of paper and a pen.”

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