Roads Conditions: Va. and Md. in full snow-fighting mode

A tow truck assists a car stuck in a snowbank along Interstate 270.


RICHMOND, Va. (AP/WJLA) - The Virginia Department of Transportation says 2,500 workers and more than 12,000 plows and other snow-fighting equipment are clearing snow-covered interstates and primary roads, even as snow continues to fall in the northern part of the state.

VDOT describes the state's road conditions Thursday as "moderate," with some snow covering a major portion of the pavement.

With each passing hour in Leesburg, roads got a whole lot better – from state routes to main roads to side streets, snow plows were hard at work and couldn’t be missed.

It’s a welcome sight for Terri Randolph, whose day on the road started early. And D’Andre Lincoln says it’s not as bad as it looks – after all, the plow driver is motivated:

"it's good money out here -- that's why I'm out here."

It was hard to find too many people out today, as streets were fairly empty and most stores were closed. Mostly everything was buried – including Mel Converse’s car, though he didn't mind.

The Hostetlers from Pennsylvania got stuck on their way to a family vacation in the Outer Banks, but with a little help from new friends on two feet and four wheels, their trip won’t be stopping.

Besides VDOT workers, the state has called in contractors to treat and plow road surfaces. VDOT officials are urging motorists to avoid or limit travel so crews can do their work.


(WJLA) - The Maryland State Highway Administration says it is fully deployed and crews have been working throughout the night to keep roads plowed.

In Frederick, plow trucks are still having some issues. One was left on the road while trying to go from 70 onto 270 South further west.

In Brunswick, residents figured that at the very least, it wasn’t Snowmageddon.

"Last time, we were stuck four days with 15-foot drifts, so we're doing good so far," said Knoxville resident Shane Pyles.

Shane Pyles came from Knoxville to help his in-laws out, and they appreciated it.

In Boonsboro, whether you were in town or in the countryside outside of town, the snow was a lot of work. And crossing over into Harpers Ferry, WV, mailboxes along with cars were almost completely submerged in snow, as the town officially got 18 inches.

It meant an awful lot of work for Steve Parberry:

"I'm kind of an old hand doing this -- you get plowed in, you dig out, you do it all over again. Thank God we got this guy over here helping us out a little bit."

More than 2,700 trucks and pieces of equipment are on Maryland roads right now. MDSHA says major highways and interstates are their main priority.

MDSHA spokesperson Lora Rakowski says crews are having to re-plow many most areas because of the continuing heavy snowfall.

They too suggest that people stay off the roads.