Va. police say sex assault suspect "not a novice"

The investigation into a possible sexual predator preying on women in Northern Virginia is intensifying. Police in both Prince William and Fairfax counties are comparing notes on similar crimes.

Residents in two apartment complexes, six miles apart along I-95 are fearful of more attacks.

Saturday, a Lorton woman was awakened by a masked man in her apartment. He reportedly threatened her children, then sexually assaulted her. The intruder got into her apartment by slitting a window screen and popping the window framing.

Last month, a Woodbridge woman was attacked by a man who got into her apartment the same way.

Another woman in the same Woodbridge complex encountered the same man in her apartment. She says, "he got into my apartment my crawling through slit in the screen. I even had the window and all my doors locked.”

At least a dozen apartments at the Woodbridge complex have marks of attempted break-ins, slit window screens and bent window frames.

Residents of the Lorton complex where Saturday's attack took place are now finding the same kind of signs of an attempted break-in on the windows of their apartments.

Officer Jonathan Perok of the Prince William County Police Department says, "this man is not a novice, he's done this before and it's possible he is scoping out the apartments before he strikes.”