Va. gas tax hike proposed, fuel prices rising across United States

(AP, WJLA){ }A Virginia state delegate is proposing to increase gas taxes for the first time in 26 years as fuel costs reach a new high nationwide.{ }

In Va., the gas tax is currently{ }17.5 cents{ }per gallon, but Democratic Delegate Scott Surovell says rising the tax would help raise revenues and plug the over one-billion dollar shortfall.

Although Governor Bob McDonnell has said he won’t support any kind of tax increase, this proposal comes as drivers dig deeper in their pockets to fill their tanks.{ }

The average price of a gallon of gasoline nationwide has spiked 12 cents over the past three weeks.

That's according to the Lundberg Survey of fuel prices, which puts the price of a gallon of regular at $3.36.

The following chart, courtesy of, shows the spike in gas prices in Maryland, Virginia and the District over the past month:

{ } Maryland{ }Historical Gas Price Charts{ }Provided by

Midgrade costs an average of $3.51 a gallon, and premium is at $3.62.

Diesel held steady, at $3.90 a gallon.

Of the cities surveyed, Salt Lake City, Utah, has the nation's lowest average price for gas at $2.86. Los Angeles has the highest at $3.69.