VA gas prices still too high, according to drivers

Down south in Occoquan to further north in Springfield, Virginia drivers are noticing a slightly more positive trend in gas prices these days – with an emphasis on “slightly.” Some think that prices are still a lot higher than they need to be.

Like a lot of drivers, Alexandra Pool heard that prices in Virginia would drop about six cents a gallon after the transportation bill became law on July 1, getting rid of the gas tax. But she isn’t surprised that things have still not really changed.

“They always have excuses,” says Pool. “There is always some mitigating factor that magically popped up they didn't know about before.”

According to AAA, gas prices in Virginia currently average $3.32 a gallon – just three cents less than one week ago and five cents less than a month ago.

"People are curious, people are upset," according to John Townsend at AAA. He says the expected drop has not yet happened due to unrest in the Middle East pushing crude oil to a 14-month high. Plus, demand is up as summer travel season is in full swing. And, he says, gas retailers may not be passing along savings.

“They tend to hold on to their profits as long as possible, squeezing every last nickel and penny," he says.

In the meantime, drivers will just have to continue dealing with the yo-yo-like pricing without much choice.