UVa murder trial recessed following attorney illness

The murder trial of a former University of Virginia lacrosse player has recessed on Friday following the illness of one of his attorneys.

Court recessed for the day as George Huguely's attorney, Fran Lawrence says his co-counsel remains ill. She is "seriously projectile vomiting ill, your honor," he said. Judge Edward Hogshire says court will resume again Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Lawrence has promised to wrap up his case Saturday.

The defense co-counsel, Rhonda Quagliana, fell ill Thursday, leading to a postponement in the trial. Defense Attorney Fran Lawrence says Quagliana is the attorney that has “worked for almost two years on the medical testimony.”

Lawrence told Judge Edward Hogshire it would be "not be fair" if he attempted to make her presentation.

The judge asked that a doctor’s note be produced by court Saturday, a rare weekend session to move this trial along.

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Twenty-four-year-old George Huguely, of Chevy Chase, Md., is charged with first-degree murder in the May 2010 killing of his sometimes girlfriend and fellow lacrosse player, 22-year-old Yeardley Love.

Friday marks the eighth day of testimony in the trial. Six of those days were taken up with prosecution witnesses. The defense has only put on two witnesses so far. The trial was estimated by attorneys from both sides to take two weeks

It's already running past the two week period forecast by both defense and prosecutors.

The postponements are not welcomed news to UVA students many of whom fondly remember Yeardley Love and the events of May 2010 that lead to her death.

Defense attorneys were able to produce several witnesses Friday. Two young women who say they saw an angry encounter between Huguely and Love in Huguely's apartment in the days before her death.

Another witness, Huguely's aunt, says she saw the couple holding hands the day before Yeardley Love was found dead.

Surveillance video from this Charlottesville bar shows that the couple was together and holding hands at times.

"This crime would never happen unless he was doing what he was doing,” says Fernando Dizon, a Charlottesville resident.

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