UVA 'living wage' hunger strike taking a toll

Hunger strikers gather on the Virginia campus Friday morning in support better wages for workers. (Photo: Kristen Twiford/ABC7)

A hunger strike at the University of Virginia is leading to health problems for some of the participants, according to the school living wage campaign.

The hunger strike, organized through The Living Wage Campaign, has entered its seventh day, according to Emily Filler of the campaign. The strike is pushing for a living wage for UVA employees.

“The Living Wage Campaign calls for all U.Va. employees, direct or contract, to be paid a living wage of $13.00 per hour plus benefits,” the campaign said on their website.

As the strike continues, some strikers are being instructed by doctors to withdraw from the fast based on health issues. After experiencing severe physical symptoms, Brianne Pitts, a third-year student at UVA, was one of the students instructed to end her fast.

There are 17 remaining strikers that are still on strike, hoping that UVA administrators will agree to address the living wage policy.

According to the campaign, UVA President Teresa Sullivan has only agreed to meet with the campaign on Monday, which would be the 10th day of the hunger strike.

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein is set to speak at a rally Friday. The Living Wage Campaign is also endorsed by Michael Moore, they said.

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