USO, lawmakers fill care packages for wounded warriors

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - On the 12th anniversary of 9/11, the Rayburn Office Building Foyer turns into a makeshift factory floor. The goal: fill 2500 of these black bags with towels, hair brushes, and other items for wounded and sick soldiers.

“Typically these guys show up with nothing but the uniforms on their backs –and in some instances, not even that,” says Sloan Gibson, president and CEO of the USO. “These are designed to provide just the basic essentials.”

Thanks to efforts by the USO, U.S. Representatives and their staff thousands of these bags will travel around the world to help soldiers hurt on the battle field feel at home.

“It is an extraordinarily austere environment over there,” Gibson says. “So even little things like this make a big difference.”

Many kits will travel to hospitals in Europe and Asia to help those wounded in Afghanistan –the first site of force after 9/11 and where roughly 60,000 soldiers remain.

“This is a way to tell those who are continuing to serve that we appreciate them more than they will ever know,” says Representative Steven Palazzo (R-MS) who served in the Persian Gulf war.