U.S. Capitol and Visitors Center lockdown lifted; 3 in custody, gun found

U.S. Capitol and Visitors Center reportedly on lockdown. (ABC7 photo)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Three people were taken into custody on Capitol Hill Tuesday following a lockdown at the U.S. Capitol and Visitors Center, according to police.

The lockdown has since been lifted.

ABC7's Sam Ford reports the suspects led police on a chase in a silver Toyota.

Police recovered a gun at the scene and "a lot of ammunition," Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier said.

Lanier says they were first alerted to the incident when they received a call for a man with a gun at 4th and P streets S.W. around 4 p.m.

"As the officers entered the area of 4th and P Street S.W., a car traveling at a high rate of speed was fleeing the area and had a person that appeared to match that lookout in the car," Lanier said.

As officers pursued the speeding car along South Capitol Street, Lanier says a passenger "extended his arm out the passenger window" and shot at officers just prior to entering the 3rd Street Tunnel.

After the shots were fired, the shooter dropped the gun in the 3rd Street Tunnel in the roadway, according to Lanier.

Officers pursued the vehicle, which Lanier says came to a stop. A "foot pursuit" followed, according to Lanier.

"So, we right now have the weapon in our possession, we have a lot of ammunition with the weapon, we have the car, and we have three people from that incident that we have taken into custody," Lanier said.

D.C. police did not fire back at the shooter. Lanier says "they were in the middle of a crowded tunnel and that wasn't an option at that point."

None of the officers was injured during the incident and Lanier says they believe they have all of the suspects in custody.


Editors note: Based on the information given to the press by D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, we originally reported the gun used was a MAC-11. We learned Thursday that it was not a MAC-11. The gun used was a semi-automatic.

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