Urban Delivery app revives courier culture

If you have ever forgotten something or just dread the thought of running errands, a new D.C.-based phone app may come in handy. It’s part delivery service, part concierge, and it’s all done on two wheels.

Navigating D.C. streets can be frantic, especially when you’re in a hurry or need to pick something up at the last minute. But now there’s an app for that.

“We’re basically a pick-up, drop-off service, but we can pick up anything you want,” says Ron Cade, the co-founder of Urban Delivery.

It’s a new twist on the bike messenger, but instead of just dropping off documents, they will be your personal assistant or shopper.

“You can have wine picked up for you for your dinner tonight, you can have your dry cleaning picked up, you can have your keys picked up if you left [them] at a friend’s house on the other side of town,” says Cade.

You can even have gas delivered if you run out, or flowers if you forgot.

The bike lanes may be the new express lanes for scatterbrains. If you went to work without your tie, they’ll get you one. As long as it’s legal and fits on a bike, they’ll get it for you.

“We had a gentleman who turned out to be a lawyer want to get wine from his cellar in Van Ness for some party… he was having later,” says Adrienne Sheares, co-founder of Urban Delivery.

Customers can track their delivery via GPS and be in touch with couriers.

“Especially people who can’t make it out of the house, injuries, handicapped, especially the elderly, those are the people I’m looking forward to helping,” says Gerald Blair, a courier.

The delivery fee is $10 while the beta testing wraps up, and will go up slightly when the app officially launches in June.

They can’t deliver anything illegal or living, but they will make beer runs as long as you’re 21.

Learn more about Urban Delivery.