Upper Marlboro two-vehicle crash hospitalizes three

(Photo: Mark Brady, PGFD)

UPPER MARLBORO, Md. (WJLA) - A two-vehicle crash in Prince George's County sent three people to a nearby hospital and closed a two-lane stretch of Ritchie Marlboro Road in both directions.

The crash occurred when the driver of a Mercedes veered into oncoming traffic between White House Road and Brown Road, crashing into a Ford Crown Victoria that was carrying two passengers. The Crown Victoria burst into flames upon impact.

Firefighters say the driver was trapped in the car for 20 minutes before they were able to use the jaws of life to cut the car apart and free him.

“Just from all the debris of the vehicle being pushed back on top of him, he was found literally in the back seat of the vehicle, even though he was the driver,” said Officer Harry Bond with the P.G. County Police.

Both drivers as well as the second person in the Crown Victoria were transported to a nearby hospital, one in critical condition and two with non-life-threatening injuries. Rescuers had to extricate one individual from the crash, but police did not specify which vehicle that victim was traveling in or what their condition was.

“Preliminary is that officers believe he just lost control, but as to why or what happened, it is still under investigation,” said Officer Mark Brady with the P.G. County Fire Department.

Firefighters say it just started raining on Tuesday morning when the crash occurred, but police have not yet determined if the weather may have played a role.

Bonnie Darcy lives about a half-mile away from the scene, and says that in the last 25 years, she has seen one too many accidents at that curve:

“I guess they could try lowering the speed limit, maybe put some speed cameras out there that may help, but yes there are quite a few accidents.”