University of Maryland police investigate dorm room thefts

(WJLA) -{ } Police at the University of Maryland are warning of a series of thefts from dorm rooms on the College Park campus.

On Friday, eight thefts were reported in Cumberland Hall and Centreville Hall, according to Sgt. Rosanne Hoaas. On Jan. 30, four thefts were reported in Denton Hall. In all 12 cases, the dorm rooms were left unlocked.

"It was really scary to know that it was so close to home," said freshman Carm Saimbre. "I have a bad habit of leaving my door unlocked, but the fact that someone on our floor got all his money taken away, that someone above us got all his money snatched, I'm going to start locking my door a lot more now."

Police are on the lookout for two suspects. The suspect in the Jan. 30 incident is described as a tall black man with a beard. The suspect in Friday's incident is described as a 5'10 black man in his mid-20's to early 30's. He is described to have a rough complexion and possibly a foreign accent.

Anyone with information should call police.