University of Maryland bedbugs: Bugs found in apartments

The University of Maryland is dealing with a buggy problem: bedbugs have been discovered in the apartments of several students in South Campus Commons 7.

The students first came aware of the issue when they noticed bites on their bodies, The Diamondback, the university’s newspaper, reported.

“It’s just been really frustrating,” says Jennifer Chu. “We had to clean out all the rooms. Put it in black plastic bags that they gave us.”

She and her roommates have been living out of bags for six weeks and the bugs keep coming back.

“They’ve given us no other option other than staying in our rooms and us having the risk of getting eggs on us or actual bed bugs,” says Chu.

The university tells ABC7 a private company runs the South Campus Commons dorms. The same company runs dorms in 10 other states and they say this bed bug problem is consistent in most of their buildings.

Off camera, officials at Capstone on-campus management say as soon as they find out about a problem they send an exterminator who will treat the apartment multiple times until the bugs are gone.

At the University of Maryland, in the seven buildings Capstone manages, the company says there are typically five to 10 cases a year.

It’s a concern for Amanda Perez, a student who lives in one of the dorms.

“Bedbugs are so easily transported between apartments and between buildings,” she says. “They’re saying that it’s livable, but it’s completely not. We have no place to sit unless we want to put ourselves at risk for contracting bed bugs.”

The issue of bedbugs is not a new one for the Commons apartment. It was so severe of an issue that apartment officials added a bedbug clause to their leases in May of 2011, the Diamondback said. In the clause, tenants were required to prove that their apartment is free of bedbugs upon leaving.