United plane has problems landing in Reagan

United plane experiences landing problems at Reagan

A United Airlines flight blew two tires during landing on Monday, according to United.

"United flight 1075 from Houston to Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA), landed in Washington and blew two rear tires," according to a statement from United.

The plane landed safely and without incident and was towed to the terminal. There were no reported injuries.

The aircraft was a Boeing 737-700 carrying 122 passengers onboard and five crew members.

“I kind of had a queasy stomach a little bit because it was a rough landing,” eighth grader Haley Faulk said.

On board, a group of 8th grade students arrived from Louisiana for their spring break.

School chaperones say there were screams - and some shouting - as the plane hit the tarmac hard.

“Even the ones of us that have traveled, it was very scary too,” says chaperone Stella Hebert. “It was one of the roughest landings that I have ever had in a long time.”

The group's D.C.-based guide says her heart sank when she saw the plane land.

“All of the sudden, I saw all these fire trucks and a police car - a police cruiser - thinking 'oh my gosh! My flight just arrived!” said Leah Jefferson of Jefferson Capital Tours.

As the students busily texted home after landing, some said they could see smoke from their seats. Assistant principal Jackie Trahan credits United's pilot for restoring calm, as he told them what to expect.

“That there would be firetrucks. For us to stay calm. They were going to check it out and no one move,” says Jackie Trahan, assistant principal of Mount Carmel Elementary. “He had a nice calming voice.”

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