Woman claims Virginia Lottery ticket worth $100,000

(WJLA) - Virginia Lottery officials have been saying that some lucky person bought a Cash 5 ticket at the 7-Eleven on North King's Highway in Alexandria on May 2 that is worth $100,000. The winner, though, had not come forward.

But on Tuesday, with just hours to spare, an Alexandria woman named Karen Gentry redeemed her ticket right before it was set to expire.

For almost six months, the winning ticket sat in a box in Gentry's kitchen, and she had no idea what it was worth.

On Tuesday, she happened to see a television news report that a Virginia Cash 5 ticket would reach the 180-day expiration date at 5:00 p.m. that day.

“So I looked, and there it was!” she said to Virginia Lottery officials.

The winning numbers were 6-15-18-23-32. Gentry allowed the computer to randomly choose her numbers, then she tossed her ticket into the box in the kitchen.

Gentry works in carpet sales, and as of Tuesday, says she does not have any immediate plans for her $100,000 winnings.