UMD student among those arrested in school burglaries

Rosensteel (left) and Landa face a string of burglary and theft charges. Not pictured: Ian Hammer. Photo: Univ. of MD Dept. Public Safety

Police have arrested three suspects, including a student, in a series of burglaries at the University of Maryland.

"It's kind of a betrayal I think in a lot of ways,” says Andrew Flavin, a UMD graduate student.

Police say Igor Rosensteel, Richard Landa and student Ian Hammer broke into the varsity team building several times starting in November and stole over $20,000 in athletic equipment. The stolen items included jerseys, lacrosse sticks and equipment used by the baseball team.

Police say they believe the suspects sold the equipment to a second-hand store near Baltimore and they have since recovered some of the items.

Students say these thefts were pretty brazen because the varsity team house sits in a well-populated area. They also can't believe a fellow Terp would be accused of joining two other non-students from outside Baltimore to allegedly steal.

"I think it's surprising and it's really terrible, says Flavin. “We need to be able to trust each other."

Hammer wrote on his Facebook page that he is one semester from graduating, but now it's unclear if the school will let him return. After he was charged, he posted:

“It was a semester of ups and downs and many lessons learned but it shaped me into a better person. I have learned from mistakes and grown from them."

All three face a string of burglary and theft charges and have been released on bond.