Maryland Delta Gamma expletive-laden letter writer resigns from sorority

The Delta Gamma sister University of Maryland who sent an expletive-laden email to her fellow sorority members has left the sorority, according to the group.

The Maryland junior submitted her resignation, which the Delta Gamma sorority accepted. On their site, the sorority said that they accepted the resignation of the sorority member “whose email relating to a social event has been widely distributed and publicized through social media and traditional media channels.”

Chapter president Rachel Norris declined to comment on the email or the sister's resignation, according to The Diamondback.

“The tone and content of the email was highly inappropriate and unacceptable by any standard,” the site said.

The email, which quickly went viral after being posted on Gawker, used numerous expletives criticizing members of the sorority for not being social with what appears to be their brother fraternity.